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  • February 2014: Paper on v-ATPase/Calcium in synaptic function in J. Cell. Biol. in press.
  • December 2013: Paper in eLife is currently Editor's Choice #1.
  • July 2013: New research grant from the Muscular Dystrophy Association for our work on the Synaptic Maintenance Problem.
  • June 2013: Our main NIH RO1 grant on the Brain Wiring Problem was scored top 3%.
  • June 2013: Jennifer Eugene Jin was selected for the Neuroscience Training Grant at UT Southwestern. Congrats!
  • May 2013: Dr. Marion Langen, a postdoctoral fellow together with the Altschuler/Wu laboratory, has been named the first Green Center Postdoctoral Fellow. Congrats!
  • April 2013: New research grant from the Welch Foundation for our work on the vesicular ATPase in synaptic function
  • April 2013: New NIH RO1 grant from the National Eye Institute for our work on the Synaptic Maintenance Problem.

Recent Publications

  • April 2014: Wang, Epstein et al., Paper on Calcium/Calmodulin in Synaptic Function, J. Cell Biol., in press
  • April 2014: Zschatzsch et al., Collaboration with Bassem Hassan on axon branching dynamics in brain development. eLife, in press
  • December 2013: eLife paper on the synaptic maintenance problem.